the B-29 Spearhead, named in honor of the Marines that battled the Japanese for Iwo Jima

Dave L. Rogan, AC, 1st Squadron recalls:

 "On May 28, 1945, General A.W. Kissner, Chief of Staff, 21st Bomber Command, wrote to General Keller Rockey, Fifth Marine Division, that as a token of respect and appreciation of the great contribution made by the Fifth Marine Division in the taking of Iwo Jima; they desired to name a new B-29 for the them, and to inscribe the Division Insignia on the plane.

 Our crew was selected for this honor and crew 11A was proud to have a new ship named “The Spearhead”. The brass of the Fifth Marine Division and the 9th BG got together and had a dedication ceremony on Tinian, August 17, 1945.

About 100 Marines including their band took part. “The Spearhead” also took part in the ceremony. All in all, it was fun, and since our crew led many missions, “The Spearhead” was an appropriate name. Its two waist gunners were twins (Burton and Langdon Dyer) and as far as I know, were the only twins to fly combat missions together."

25 missions, scrapped in …

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John Lewis, Oklahoma fireman, entrepreneur, rancher and collector amassed over a 100 pre WW2 vehicles, and now it's all going to auction

Having only a 4th grade education, John joined the Navy in 1943 as a teenager and took pride that he was one of the youngest crew of the submarine U.S.S. Pintado.

After John’s service in the Navy he worked as a fireman and an electrician. It was as an electrician that he learned his trade and started Industrial Electric, a thriving business in Lawton, Oklahoma.

He collected old vehicles among other things and made a public museum to store and share them in, the Lewis Fire, Transportation and Farm Museum in Lawton Oklahoma. He traveled extensively in the USA to search out old fire engines, and farm and oil-field trucks.

He was known locally as a generous man, frequently doing something to help others. They mention free pecan trees given to senior citizens and other civic-minded projects. They say his museum, open to the public since August 1986, is another example of how Lewis tries to make people's lives more interesting and enjoyable.

Autoweek has been doing really beautiful covers recently, possibly due to a full facelift of the whole magazine's look

the headline font is now see through and shows the photograph behind it, and they are going to make an effort to increase the use of their helmet icon. That keychain medallion is from the early 60s